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Exciting News!!! MKQuilts has invited me to Teach FMQ Classes on her hosting site!

I am so excited! Some of you might know Melissa… aka MK from… She and Paul (aka Mr. MK) have invited me to teach FMQ classes online on their Hosting Site at! This opportunity is an answer to prayers for me, and is a win-win-win situation for all of us…

Let me back up… Melissa and I have so much in common!  We are both busy Professional Longarm Quilters, both using Handi Quilters with ProSticher (PS), and have been following each other for awhile on Facebook… (Please follow us on our Facebook sites… there is always lots of good info and photos and questions etc on our FB pages!) … We share our musical talents at our local churches… We are each head-over-heals in love with our husbands, we each have a daughter living out west, (I am doubly blessed, I have a daughter who lives less than an hour from me in Minnesota, and my western daughter has two little boys… I love being a mom… and being a grandma is even better!) … Both MK and I are from Minnesota (she now lives in Florida)… We both upgraded to PS Premium as soon as it was available, and started posting Quilting Tutorials on Youtube about the same time a year ago. (If you haven’t already been watching and following us on YouTube… oh my! You should! You can search for either one or both of us, or better yet, Subscribe to each of us! We have so much FREE info to share with you on our YouTube channels!)  We both love Wiggle Ditch! (We both have videos about Wiggle Ditch)  We often have similar content… (How to load a quilt on a Longarm frame with Leader Grips and/or magnets and/or zippers)…  the list goes on and on… but here is the BIG DIFFERENCE… MK’s quilting is focused on Computerized Quilting (PS) pre planning in Simulation Mode (Sim Style) and saving lots of info on a flash stick; mine is focused on Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) usually planned out by drawing in Skitch, marking with chalk or FriXion markers, Flathead pins, and saving lots of photos as I quilt…  Her way (the MK WAY) of using PS Sim is so helpful, she started offering classes, in person and online. (I strongly recommend you take her classes on Best Practices for Pantos, Layout & Rendering, and Whole Cloth!) ?We are two peas in a pod!?

MK was planning a trip back home (only about an hour from me) last spring and was looking for quilt shops or home studios to teach her HQ ProStitcher Simulator classes… I wanted to take her classes and offered to host her in my studio… so Melissa decided to also visit her cousin near by… come to find out, she lives about a mile from me, we go to the same church, and usually sat just a pew or two from each other!!!

Needless to say, when we finally met in person, Melissa and I hit it off! Right away! And now… Melissa has offered to host me on her website, through her Video Training Store… look for Paola Jo’s Free Featured Videos, and watch for my FMQ CLASSES, and PUZZLING & PLANNING Without a Pattern classes for sale or rent, coming soon! And if you haven’t already seen or rented MK’s quilting videos… you must check her out, too!

I will add more to this post… but for now… it is way past my bed time … again… so please watch the video… thank you… thank you… thank you❤️

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FMQ Drawing Board ~on the Side~  FMQ/PSP Combo

I’ve been doing mainly free motion quilting for most of these seventeen years, but I upgraded to a HandiQuilter Fusion (24″ deep) with their ProStitcher computerized option a couple years ago, upgraded to Premium as soon as that was available… I LOVE PSP!… and started making Quilting Tutorial Videos a year ago.  If you like the video below, please subscribe to Seder Quilts on YouTube.

Now you have to understand, as an Apple gal, I’m not very good with all the Windows techie stuff… not even a mouse. But I’m a good Artsy~Fartsy Puzzler, and I enjoy thinking outside the box and Outside the Blocks! In this and other posts (and videos) I hope to explain some of the ways you can combine a computerized quilting system with lots of FreeMotion.

I frequently use the ProStitcher to Memorize my free motion stitching, then Computerize it (save & name the design, modify the size, rotate, duplicate, multiply, and/or skew the design~ it is so cool!) and then Seder-ize it (sprinkle in some more FMQ backgrounds and fills).

stitch, memorize, computerize, Seder-ize!

Sometimes I do that on the fly, as I’m quilting… and sometimes I use an extra piece of fabric On the Side (held on by huge magnets) and draw or trace a design, stitch it bigger than needed without thread ~ for best details~ then shrink it down to the perfect size, and let the PSP stitch it exactly where I want it!

FriXion heat erasable highlighters are my preferred drawing tools, often on an old sheet ~thin enough to see through for tracing free clip art off the iPad~, then iron it to erase and use again! I also use them to mark measurements or draw notes in the excess batting… But NEVER use FriXion markers on the actual quilt top. Our cold Minnesota temps can cause the marks to reappear (just iron them off again).

Please watch a short video of this FMQ Drawing Board On the Side process… I hope you find this helpful, or at least interesting and entertaining! Come back to see me again! Tutoluu!