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Quick Tip Tuesday~ Rotary Cutting 2 Sets of Multi Layered Strips with 2 Rulers

This is a great tutorial… showing you lots of details on my helpful hints to use a rotary cutter with TWO Rulers… my favorite O’LIPFA 5″x 24″ ruler with a no-slip handle (it has two pins that you push down through the fabric into the cutting mat to hold things in place… i LOVE it!) … and a 16.5″ big square ruler… and my quick tips on how to cut TWO SETS of Multiple Layers of fabric into 6″ squares.

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Paola’s Pillow Party

What to Do with Batting Scraps? Make a Memory Shirt Pillow!

Paola’s Pillow Party


Join Paola Jo for a fun-filled half hour tutorial on transforming a cute T-shirt



custom quilting prep on memory pillows


(or lounge pants, or orphan blocks, fuzzy fabric,




or your mama’s old favorite bathrobe… you get the idea)

add a poem: “Made from a top I used to wear, When you see this, Remember me there”

into a huggable snuggle,

Faux Flange Binding

displayable decorative memory pillow!

Oodles of Options








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Quick Tip Tuesday Video Tutorial~Fixing Oopsies

Life took a few rough and sad turns this past year. So we changed the pace and focus for a while. (I might share more about that later.)  I’ve been busy on my Facebook page and YouTube, and now hope to start paying some attention to my website again (…and Pinterest and Instagram… goodness, so much to keep up on!)

Hopefully the links for my Quick Tip Tuesday video tutorials will work easy peasy …. Please check them out and subscribe to my YouTube Seder Quilts channel…  (it’s free, and then you can easily see all my helpful videos!)

This tutorial is on fixing the not quite so perfect Start and Stop points of Computerized quilting with FreeMotion quilying.  I hope you find it helpful… I like to be helpful!

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I Love Hover Mode!

Quick Tip Tuesday…

Its Tuesday, so here’s another quick tip… You probably already know I love the knee lift bar; I’ve had it on my last couple domestic sewing machines, and it is a requirement, if you ask me. It’s like having an extra hand when I sew or piece. (Don’t tell my knee lift bar, but I may have found a replacement for it… The Hover Mode Button!)

If you have a Baby Lock sewing machine, look for this handy feature… (It might be on other brands, too? I don’t know, this is a first for me!)

Hover Mode

When selected, the Hover Mode automatically lifts your Presser foot, with the needle in the down position, every time you take your foot off the floor pedal…


This allows you to readjust your fabric without losing your spot, allows you to tuck a seam the right direction, or pivot around a curved edge or sharp corner… and you don’t even have to be coordinated enough to push your knee to the side at the right time!

This is my new must-have for piecing and appliqué!

If you are a stop and go sewer, and just sewing a straight seam, and the auto lift of the presser foot bugs you… just press the button (OK, it’s an icon, not a button) and turn the option off.

Presser foot

It’s my new best friend!

What is your favorite feature on your sewing machine?



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Quick Tip Tuesday…

I’m a visual learner… so I LOVE the SKITCH app for puzzling out good stuff… (Stop&Start points, the best path through the maze, etc). Choose from multiple colors and line thicknesses, add text or arrows, save or send the options as photos, go back and trace them for muscle memory… (Did I mention I love it?)

“SKITCH” is a free app, (I use mine on an iPad, and I prefer to use a stylus, but it works with chubby fingertips, too.) It allows you to draw, or sketch, on a digital photo; you can save a new photo of your doodlings at any point; several options to send it to other people; you can delete your markings, and try many attempts. It’s a modern techy Etch-a-Sketch.

I use it to audition stitch routes on quilt blocks. I find it quicker than drawing out the block on graph paper by hand, and easier to erase and make changes. (My brother-in-law would use it to draw mustaches and big eyebrows on portraits.)

SKITCH appBonus tip… For nicer curves when stitching an Orange Peel… Weave in and out of several blocks with “S” shapes, as far as possible… rather than “C,C,C”… (Who doesn’t like nicer curves?)

And yes, you are welcome! ?