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Paola’s Pillow Party

What to Do with Batting Scraps? Make a Memory Shirt Pillow!

Paola’s Pillow Party


Join Paola Jo for a fun-filled half hour tutorial on transforming a cute T-shirt



custom quilting prep on memory pillows


(or lounge pants, or orphan blocks, fuzzy fabric,




or your mama’s old favorite bathrobe… you get the idea)

add a poem: “Made from a top I used to wear, When you see this, Remember me there”

into a huggable snuggle,

Faux Flange Binding

displayable decorative memory pillow!

Oodles of Options









2 thoughts on “Paola’s Pillow Party

  1. What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing this!! A comforting way to remember a loved one, make them feel close❤

    1. Thank you, Lori? I agree, memory pillows are very comforting and a functional way to preserve a tender touch from the past.❤️God bless your good memories?

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