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Paola’s Pillow Party

What to Do with Batting Scraps? Make a Memory Shirt Pillow!

Paola’s Pillow Party


Join Paola Jo for a fun-filled half hour tutorial on transforming a cute T-shirt



custom quilting prep on memory pillows


(or lounge pants, or orphan blocks, fuzzy fabric,




or your mama’s old favorite bathrobe… you get the idea)

add a poem: “Made from a top I used to wear, When you see this, Remember me there”

into a huggable snuggle,

Faux Flange Binding

displayable decorative memory pillow!

Oodles of Options








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Today was special… A Velveteen Rabbit Quilt

New Binding for an Old Quilt

(Originally written Jan 30, 2015)

Today was special at Seder Quilts… A good kind of special. Not just because it is Thursday (Thursday is usually my favorite day of the week… that started decades ago) and not just because I thoroughly enjoy my “job” (I spend most of my days longarm quilting beautiful client quilts with custom freehand freemotion gorgeous stitching on my HandyQuilter) … but because I had a very special one-day-turn-around project to do today… New binding for a vintage quilt.

I love old, meaningful stuff; vintage stuff …not just cuz it’s old and cool, but because it had special meaning to someone, was taken care of, loved, used, and nearly worn out from being useful and special. And if the cool old stuff has been passed along to someone else, who also appreciates it, that really tickles me.

Vintage quilt     So today, I had the honor of restoring a well loved, Velveteen Rabbit type vintage Continue reading Today was special… A Velveteen Rabbit Quilt