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Paola Jo’s FMQ Classes will be available soon! You can learn to do this!
The starting block… a Disappearing 9 Patch of Cherrywood and Batiks Clotheslined by Paola Jo

MK invited me to join her Quilters Community, to offer online classes specializing in FMQ on her hosting site… MKQuilts Video Training Store

… I said Yes!

MK Quilts HQ PSP & Sim (computerized)

This week has been a rollercoaster of excitement, ¬†late nights and learning curves …

I had no idea how long an upload would take… or why it could not finalize…

but I think the video files are all completed… a few more clicks and they will be available for viewing!

Paola Jo’s FMQ (Hand Guided)
MK calls it: “crazy awesome magic”

Our introductory video highlights our similarities and differences in how we approach the same Disappearing 9Patch Block …

MK using HandiQuilter ProStitcher Premium Simulation software, then stitching by computer (PSP) …

Puzzling with Paola on SKITCH

and Paola Jo using Skitch to draw on photos to plan her “crazy awesome Free Motion magic”, then stitching it out all Free Hand…

You CAN learn to quilt like this! …using a computer guided system, or totally free hand… or a combination of BOTH! …we offer Oodles of Options!

Grab a cup of coffee or lemonade and a banana bread muffin… and enjoy our intro video… (oops… more computer stuff to upload or download or embed… I’ll add it as soon as I puzzle it out again…) ¬† Tutoluu!

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Quick Tip Tuesday…

I’m a visual learner… so I LOVE the SKITCH app for puzzling out good stuff… (Stop&Start points, the best path through the maze, etc). Choose from multiple colors and line thicknesses, add text or arrows, save or send the options as photos, go back and trace them for muscle memory… (Did I mention I love it?)

“SKITCH” is a free app, (I use mine on an iPad, and I prefer to use a stylus, but it works with chubby fingertips, too.) It allows you to draw, or sketch, on a digital photo; you can save a new photo of your doodlings at any point; several options to send it to other people; you can delete your markings, and try many attempts. It’s a modern techy Etch-a-Sketch.

I use it to audition stitch routes on quilt blocks. I find it quicker than drawing out the block on graph paper by hand, and easier to erase and make changes. (My brother-in-law would use it to draw mustaches and big eyebrows on portraits.)

SKITCH appBonus tip… For nicer curves when stitching an Orange Peel… Weave in and out of several blocks with “S” shapes, as far as possible… rather than “C,C,C”… (Who doesn’t like nicer curves?)

And yes, you are welcome! ?